Frequently Asked Questions

Before emailing us for support, please see some 'commonly' asked questions. Hopefully these will help you, otherwise feel free to contact us here.

Q: How long do print orders take?

A: Orders that have been paid for will take approximately 7 - 14 working days to be delivered. Images are sent via standard post, however you can manually request courier for an extra fee.

Q: Are my images secure?

A: Yes, we will enclose your images in cardboard supports or a small box. Please note we take no responsibility for any damaged images receieved in the post however we will make it a high priority to ensure they are securely wrapped.

Q: What is PayPal? Is it safe for credit card payments?

A: Yes, PayPal is the worlds largest online credit-card facility, your payment details are handled with the upmost security. After payment you will be automatically emailed with a confirmation and taken back to your order.

Q: Can I have my images larger? Framed? Touched-up?

A: Yes, we offer professional touch-up facilities, we can also handle framing and printing larger sizes to. Please contact us for this service.

Q: Can I post my images on Facebook / Twitter?

A: Yes, definetly! However for the sake of our effort in taking them / organising them, we ask you do not redistribute your images with others. You can give them this website to order their own copies.

Q: Can I use the watermarked images?

A: To a certain extent, yes. You may use these images for the purpose of display on online social media sites like Facebook & for email. However, if you wish to print & permenantly have rights to the image, please purchase a copy.

Q: Do images I pay for have watermarks?

A: No, they are of highest quality & resolution. No watermarks are applied.

Q: Can I remove images from this site?

A: No, unless you feel the image is highly inappropriate or exploiting an individual. Please contact us regarding this.